I have been scouring the interwebs for a good month or so looking for the perfect FR-S for my SSC build, and came across the one via Autotrader. I reached out to the dealership via Autotrader, and also via to see what kind of deal I could get on the car. The asking price was $18499, via the TrueCar inquiry they immediately dropped $125 from the price, though the TrueCar quote was adjusted to include a $598 dealer documentation fee, for a total price of $18,972.

Solo Spec Coupe. SSC. The next big thing in SCCA Autocross.

What is SSC? In September 2017, the Sports Car Club of America announced the creation of a new breed of autocross competition, a Spec class. Why does SCCA need a Spec class in Autocross? I say why not! Who doesn’t want to take “car selection” out of the mix in autocross? If you can successfully do that, you open up the idea of a true driver’s class, a real skill competition pitting driver against driver.